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Outlet: Epson ELP MB24 - Mounting kit

Outlet: Epson ELP MB24 - Mounting kit
For Beamers: Epson EB-400/410/420/425/430/435 - Maximum weight: 20kg
Warranty: 2 years
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This product has been used, but shows no wear or tear. The box has been opened but is undamaged.

The Epson ELP–MB24 Short Throw Wall Mount is designed for seamless integration with your Epson Short Throw Projector. It is ideally suited to integration in any environment where an Interactive Whiteboard is utilised. With integrated safety features, the ELP–MB24 is especially at home in the modern classroom.

-Stylish appearance – High quality powder coated finish and integrated cable cover
-Highly adjustable – a multitude of possible adjustments ensures simple installation and perfect alignment
-Integrated measurement indicator – Unique adjustable sleeve design features an integrated metric rule for accurate set up
-Inbuilt safety features – Fall prevention wire built in
-Large wall–plate – Enables the mount to be located over a wall stud for a sturdy installation
-Stylish cable cover – no cables visible when used to mount your Epson projector

Simple Installation
The unique design of the Epson ELP–MB24 enables simple, accurate installation. With a multitude of adjustments possible and integrated metric rule, accurate installation is quick and easy.

Stylish and Safe
With its high quality power coated finish and unique design, the ELP–MB24 is right at home in the most modern of classrooms. Designed with safety in mind and featuring an integrated fall prevention wire, the ELP–MB24 provides peace of mind in the classroom.


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