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Canon CL-541

Canon CL-541
Canon CL-541, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Canon Pixma MG2150 Canon Pixma MG3150, Inkjet, Blister
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Some things work better together. That’s why it makes sense to use Canon genuine inks and photo papers, designed in harmony with PIXMA printers, to deliver the best possible results. See the range of Canon’s inkjet photo papers and find the right ink for your printer. For beautiful, long lasting print quality, trust Canon engineered inks.


Product number:
Product number manufacturer:


Compatible with printer:
Pixma MG 2100 Series, Pixma MG 2140, Pixma MG 2150, Pixma MG 2200 Series, Pixma MG 2250, Pixma MG 2255, Pixma MG 3100 Series, Pixma MG 3140, Pixma MG 3150, Pixma MG 3155, Pixma MG 3200 Series, Pixma MG 3250, Pixma MG 3255, Pixma MG 3500 Series, Pixma MG 3520, Pixma MG 3550, Pixma MG 3550 red, Pixma MG 3550 Series, Pixma MG 3550 white, Pixma MG 3600 Series, Pixma MG 3640 S, Pixma MG 3650, Pixma MG 3650 red, Pixma MG 3650 S black, Pixma MG 3650 S red, Pixma MG 3650 S white, Pixma MG 3650 Series, Pixma MG 3650 white, Pixma MG 4140, Pixma MG 4150, Pixma MG 4200 Series, Pixma MG 4250, PIXMA MG3250, Pixma MX 370, Pixma MX 370 Series, Pixma MX 375, Pixma MX 390 Series, Pixma MX 395, Pixma MX 430 Series, Pixma MX 432, Pixma MX 435, Pixma MX 450 Series, Pixma MX 454, Pixma MX 455, Pixma MX 470 Series, Pixma MX 472, Pixma MX 475, Pixma MX 510 Series, Pixma MX 515, Pixma MX 520 Series, Pixma MX 524, Pixma MX 525, Pixma MX 530 Series, Pixma MX 532, Pixma MX 535, PIXMA MX395, PIXMA MX455, Pixma TS 5100 Series, Pixma TS 5140, Pixma TS 5150, Pixma TS 5151
Compatible with printer brand:
Compatible with printer type:
Inkjet, Inkjet


Compatible products:
Canon Pixma MG2150\nCanon Pixma MG3150
Print technology:
Printing colours:
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow

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