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Anker smart home security kit Wi-Fi

Anker smart home security kit Wi-Fi
  • Includes: number pad, motion sensor, window sensors, base station
  • Receive notifications on your phone
  • Easily turn the alarm on or off via the number pad
  • Network connection: Wifi
  • Cheap shipping over €400
  • Low prices
  • Friendly customer service


A Safer Home in the Palm of Your Hand
Set your own custom security modes to suit the needs of your home and family via the eufy Security App.

Suitable for All Sizes
Enhanced long-distance connectivity ensures your entire home is secure at all times—no matter how big it might be.

Adjustable Sensitivity
Tweak the sensitivity of the motion sensor so it alerts you to intruders, rather than your pets.

Power to Protect
With a battery life of 6 months for the keypad and 2 years for the motion and contact sensors, sleep safe knowing your system is always at the ready.

Entry Sensor
Attaches to your windows and doors via the included mounts. Immediately alerts you when a breach is detected.

Motion Sensor
Protect an entire room against uninvited guests. Features 100° coverage at up to 30 feet.


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